Wah Kee Desayuno Chino Dim Sum en Panama

Welcome to the
Dim Sum Palace in Panama

Our creative Chinese food has gained loyal followers of diners of all ages thanks to our talented chefs and their ability to modernize traditional dishes without compromising authenticity. From melted cream buns to Cantonese dumplings, we bring fun presentations and delicious dishes to the table!

With a location in El Dorado, at WAH KEE we aim to revitalize the concept of “yum cha”, it is not just about getting together for brunch with the family, but about eating all day. Our restaurant focuses on creating a great atmosphere, with contemporary decor and a cozy atmosphere for friends and families to enjoy.

Our YUM CHA is known for serving dishes from various regions of China, including Cantonese Dim Sum, Shanghai meatballs, Szechuan spicy chicken and much more.

It's time to share at
Wah Kee

For us, Dim Sum is happiness, fun, enjoyment and love. Each sharing with our loved ones is a special moment, and we hope to share this experience with you!

we are the favorite place of the
Dim Sum Lovers!

Our vision is to provide a surprisingly authentic dining experience for connoisseurs and a welcoming attraction for tourists serving Dim Sum fresh and cooked to order alongside other Chinese delicacies.