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Known as the “Dim Sum Specialists in Panama,” Wah Kee’s international chefs ensure high-quality culinary experiences by making each dish with only fresh ingredients delivered daily. Dim Sum’s menu presents the world famous “Siu Mai”, “Spring Rolls”, “Ha Kao” and many other varieties of Chinese breakfast, from the most traditional to the most special along with various preparations of authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Our company is a family business, run by two generations. Together we have more than 30 years of experience in the Chinese food industry in Panama. We are a business based on traditional Chinese values ​​but with a contemporary approach.

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Authentic Cantonese
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Among all Chinese cuisine, the Cantonese style is the most popular, ancient and diverse. Its influence has spread through mountains and jungles, rivers and cities, to impress the rest of the world.

With a variety of cooking methods and distinctive ingredients that are not seen in other Chinese cuisines, Cantonese cuisine has many options. From the classic sweet and sour pork to the jaws of fish and stewed prawns, each of our dishes is selected to be truly representative of the myriad Cantonese flavors.

A variety of an authentic Dim Sum experience (“Yam Cha” in Chinese) is also available daily. These refined small bites are exquisitely made by our Hong Kong chefs who never fail to offer excellent and constant quality.

Wah Kee’s unique cuisine combines authentic Cantonese recipes with contemporary influences. The kitchens team create modern dishes using traditional techniques and the best quality ingredients.

Wah Kee wants to share with you what we loved eating with our families as we grew up.

Come and enjoy an authentic experience!